Mr. Clarence Zheng, CEO of hdtMEDIA ¨C the exploration of rich media

Mr. Clarence Zheng, CEO of hdtMEDIA ¨C the exploration of rich media

On 23rd, March 2012, Mr. Clarence Zheng, the CEO of hdtMEDIA made a speech on the 10 year anniversary of rich media, discussing its exploration at the China Advertising Brand conference.

Unceasing Transcend & Be Transcended

In 2002, hdtMEDIA cooperated with Hylink, Motorola and hdtMEDIA used the iCast, the rich media technology to play the film ¡®Hero¡¯. Mr. Zheng looked back at this precious memory with audiences.

A decade ago, hdtMEDIA built up the first word exchange advertising platform before doing ads through iCast. With the development of technology and creativity, the Internet advertising has become diversified, and the word chain is transcended by other advertising forms, like search and video.

At that time, hdtMEDIA appealed for a ¡®marketing revolution¡¯. And iCast has not only been a creative technology, but also the pronoun of the whole industry.

The internet is always transcending. Mr. Zheng mentioned besides website, words chain, chatting room, instance messaging, ¡®people use weixin to make friends nowadays. That is the change!¡¯

Technology Revolution

When talking about SoLoMo (social, local, mobile), Mr. Zheng said, ¡®Co (communication and Cool) should be added as well, which could make an advertisement more vivid.¡¯

As the leader of rich media technology, how to integrate mobile and rich media will be another target field of hdtMEDIA. Rich media advertising could make ads¡¯ creativity peak, but could not conquer limits from the size of the mobile screen. hdtMEDIA has in the last decade, developed from the iCast, to the products of iFocus, then to the iMocha, and MoCast, the first product designed specified for iPad. And this was only the beginning of the digital ads platform hdtMEDIA, the mobile digital ads platform hdtMobile and the digital ads exchange platform hdtDXP.

Future Island

Mr. Zheng has a clear strategy to explore the ¡®future island¡¯.

Real time bidding (RTB) will be one of the development trends, which could help to bring up more excellent ads firm.

For this reason, hdtMEDIA brings out the digital ads exchange platform ¨C hdtDXP. It helps customers achieve RTB through a website, and auction their ad space with more added values.

The internet advertising is an ocean of opportunity, and technology will be the core of its ecological system construction. hdtMEDIA will be the pioneers.