Technology lead marketing

Technology lead marketing

 ¡°Future is Now¡ªTen years anniversary of Rich media¡ªTechnology lead marketing ¨C China Advertising and Brand Conference 2012¡± was held on 23rd to 24th March 2012 in Shanghai.

Mr. Tian Tao, the Vice president of CCTV¡¯s marketing research department, Mr. Xu Xuezhe, the GM of Motorola¡¯s East Region, Mr. Zheng Bin, and the CEO of hdtMEDIA were invited. And Du Hong, the COO of delivered a recorded speech.

Mr. Su, the CEO of Hylink was the host. He thought in the marketing field, the most two important things are creativity and media. But with the development of technology, he notices that marketing has just started there, data analysis and follow up are anther two indispensable factors. 

Guests expressed different ideas about the relationship between technology and marketing.  Mr. Tian said marketing strategy should be renovated with the development of technology.

Mr. Xu agreed with Mr. Tian¡¯s opinion, and said that the first two things customers consider are the matching degree between the products and their needs, and if any new expected functions are developed.

Mr. Zheng said all the technologies are developed for customers and media, including iCast, the rich media technology.

In brief, digital media technology is the biggest platform bearing on marketing, and will make it go further.