Michael Tang: Do we know our customers?

Michael Tang: Do we know our customers?

According to the 6th national population census data, in China, the rural segment always remains an important position in the market.

On 23rd March, the President of hdtMEDIA company, Michael Tang talked about his opinions of the rural consumers marketing research based on his life experience in Qinghai.

People there use varied chemical products with different brands, but none of it is that we are used to knowing like P&G or Uniliever. The same is true of digital products. When they watch television, they change the channel once the ads inter-cut. They do not subscribe to newspapers, they do not use fixed phones but share a mobile phone in one family.

Based on those circumstances, can we say brand is not important? Is that true?

The plain narration alerts us that it is really important to work close with customers, to walk in their lives to know more ideas. That is the way to create touching ads for them; that is the way to build up a long term relationship between them and the brands.