Clarence Zheng Spoke On China 2012 Internet Conference Press Briefing

March 27th, ¡°China 2012 Internet Conference Press Briefing¡± was hold in Beijing. Clarence Zheng, CEO of hdtMEDIA was invited. In this conference, Clarence explained hdtMEDIA¡¯ goal as ¡°To Optimize the Internet Advertising Technology¡±.

hdtMEDIA, as China¡¯s leading digital ad network, had grown with the Internet industry. hdtMEDIA has long-term relationship with all the Chinese portal sites, search engines, more than one thousand premium vertical sites, and mobile Internet providers. In the recent years, hdtMEDIA maintained an intimate relationship with China Internet Conference.

As the specially invited guest of this conference, Mr. Zheng introduced the effort that hdtMEDIA made to focus on Internet advertising technology. As China¡¯s leading company in Internet advertising and marketing, hdtMEDIA was the first one which developed text link advertising, used reach media to broadcast advertising, built up MoCast that was designed for iPad rich media ads, and came out with digital ad exchange platform-hdtDXP. hdtMEDIA had always focused on Internet advertising technology optimization.

During the discussion panel, emcee Lijuan Yu, Vice-President of, asked: ¡°how to change from purchase for media to purchase for targets?¡± Clarence Zheng responded: ¡°The industry is driving by technology, just like the possible future of advertising ---- ad exchange platform. It actually similar to stock exchange, the invention of large-scaled computer made everything easy. Cross the entire technology development, there are three elements that cannot be ignored. First one is the development of parallel computing technology, which makes the ads trading platform realistic. Second one is the perfection of database. I believe media is fundamentally based on contents, and advertising is based on data. This matches with the changing trend of the buying groups. Based on data, advertisers can make precision marketing realistic. Also, the cloud computing technology and other open source technologies are developing rapidly cross the entire world. Thus, the growth of large-scaled parallel computing technology, the perfection of NoSQL database, and the acceleration of cloud computing and other open source technologies built up the basic abilities of ad exchange platform. The core is still rooted at data, when we combine all these together, the expected performance will appear. ¡±

Other guests who contributed to the discussion were: Yaoqing Liu, Vice-President of, Jonathan Wang, Founder and Vice President of Technology, Jing Pan, Vice President of AdChina, Yongshou Cao, Marketing Strategy Center General Manager of Sohu Video.

To our knowledge, this event had the function of building the atmosphere for China 2012 Internet Conference, which will be hold in September. This meeting also introduced the preparation status of that conference, along with the award ceremony for strategic partners.

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The guests were having a conversation