Michael Tang Lectured Fellow Marketers Of ADVERTISING PANORAMA

China has grown to the world¡¯s largest market for smart devices. In February 2012, China has exceeded America on smart phone and tablet computer usage. In this year, smart phone purchase in China is expected to rise 52%, to the number of 14 million. The future of mobile Internet market is shinning!

March 26th, Michael Tang, President of hdtMEDIA, got invited to Nanjing for a lecture to the fellow marketers of ADVERTISING PANORAMA on digital marketing. He used his own experiences from this field to elaborate and answer all the doubts and questions for the audiences.

When talked about his own experiences on mobile device terminals, Michael clarified the moving direction of digital media. He believes that ¡°Speed¡±, ¡°Efficiency¡±, and ¡°Convenience¡± give mobile devices the charm and make it the main stream of the future!

hdtMEDIA created iCast based on Internet, and then hdtMobile due to the revolution of mobile Internet. hdtMobile was built to be the mobile digital marketing platform to go into the new blue ocean of mobile Internet. In the recent days, MoCast, the product based on iPad and using rich media technology had hit the ground. Maybe to some consumers, the concept of rich media was still blurry in their minds. But everybody knew that the coverage of a simple 15 seconds or 30 seconds¡¯ ad put on Internet or mobile Internet is enormous. Facing such a big market of Internet and mobile Internet, why shouldn¡¯t we fight hard and fight smart?


      Answering the questions