Clarence Zheng Gave A Speech In ¡°China Advertising Forum¡±

New technologies and new media changed our lives in many ways. Looking at the replacement of our digital products and the changes in customers¡¯ behaviors, it is clear that our daily lives have changed evolutionally, due to the development of technology.

March 24th, Clarence Zheng, CEO of hdtMEDIA, presented his thoughts on building progress of rich media and the future of technology in China Advertising Forum.

Clarence pointed out that the interdependence between media and technology will be enhanced. As for the future of mobile marketing, Clarence believed that communication must be considered along with LBS to make mobile marketing more interesting. Moreover, Clarence assured the importance of target audiences in broadcasting. He mentioned real-time bidding shall rise, just like searching engine changed text link advertising. And because of the development of search engine, Google and Baidu got their places. In the future, there will be more excellent advertising platforms in the market due to the real-time bidding technology.

When came to talk about the new digital ad exchange platform ---- hdtDXP, Clarence simply compares it as a stock exchange for everyone¡¯s interests. Users can purchase by bidding on line in real time to choose and get their beloved ad spot. This will be the brand-new trading system of this business, and it will bring advertisers more value in the future!

Technology changes marketing! Year 2012 will be the year of these changes!


      Clarence Zheng was giving the speech

     Clarence was being interviewed by CNAD.COM