Is Mobile Marketing Really Booming Today? ¡ª Melody (hdtMobile General Manager) Hosted the Panel

Where is the marketing future in era of big data? What is the situation of social marketing? How can we hold the trend of mobile marketing? On 23rd November, China Innovation Marketing Forum ¡ª ¡®V Marketing China¡¯ Leadership Annual Meeting held in Beijing. There were senior marketers to discuss the hot marketing issues together.

MoCast, as the first rich media product of hdtMobile in iPad terminal, won ¡®2012 Best Innovation Marketing Product Award¡¯ by the excellent innovation and marketing value. In addition, it had already recorded in ¡®2012 Innovation Marketing Product/Platform/Company Recommendations¡¯ and would issue in China market as the year-end special edition of ¡®V Marketing China¡¯.

Melody, hdtMobile General Manager, was invited to host the forum¡ª¡®The Booming of Video and Mobile Marketing¡¯ in the afternoon. Under her host, the guests including Pinquan Zhao (VP of Vpon), Yongjing Jiang (Associated Director of Operating, China, InMobi), Yueming Fei (Chief Consultant of aFocus), Zhihua Chen (General Manager of Planning Department, Power Dekor), Yan Zou (General Manager of Key Account, Fractalist), Nan Wang (Manager of Planning Department, ) were divided into two sides¡ª¡®Enterprise¡¯ and ¡®Mobile Media¡¯ to argue whether mobile marketing would be booming or not.

For ¡®Enterprise¡¯, it was impossible to know whether mobile marketing would be a qualitative change. Zhihua Chen pointed out that the current new media marketing was still in the conceptual stage and did not have the practical programme in household industry. Nan Wang did not think that Weixin was the booming of media.

For ¡®Media¡¯, however, there were some considerations. Yongjing Jiang pointed out that advertisers in ad serving had their own considerations such as exposure effect and user attention and the problem for both enterprise and media was how to keep the target audiences and achieve sales. Yue Fei also presented that different people had different standard. For example, mobile marketing was booming in terms of user quantity and needed to consider the marketing effect as precision marketing was the purpose.

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Melody (hdtMobile General Manager) and the guests take the group photo (Left 2)

Melody (hdtMobile General Manager) hosts the panel