Brand Media Marketing in Small Cities

'undefinedIt is not possible for me to find so funny tradition and brand consumption if I have not had the experience of New Year celebration in Qinghai. All of living goods, including TV, mobile phone, car, shampoo, skin care and fragrance, are not famous brands. For example, we actually cannot see mobile phones of Huawei and ZTE in the local. Five people in a family all use counterfeit mobile phones like Sumsung and Nokia which are big screen, high pixel and low price. Therefore, where is the path for the channel of brand marketing?¡¯

3rd December, 2012 Media Marketing Summit hosted by NanFang Media Group was held in Guangzhou. Michael, President of hdtMEIDA, was invited to give a speech in the section of ¡®Regional Media Communication¡¯.

Michael presented that brand ought to develop in small and medium-sized cities as uncomfortable living environment did not influence their attitude towards the pursuit of brand. He also pointed out that local people frequently used network by mobile phone and PC because they did not watch TV and newspaper. Therefore, the presentation aimed to discuss how to develop the markets in the potential small and medium-sized cities.

Then, Michael was invited to attend the panel to discuss regional brand communication. In Summit, the organising committee gave the letter of appointment for panel evaluators to academy and industry elites including Michael, Yue Xia (Associated General Manager, GDAD), Qiting Bao (VP, R&D, Hc360), Haizhong Wang (Marketing Officer, Management School, Sun Yat-Sen University) and Chunhua Chen (Executive President, Economy and Trading School, South China University of Technology).

In this event, our classic case study¡ª¡®Suntory¡ªInternet promotion case¡¯ won ¡®Best Media Marketing Communication Effective Case Study¡¯ in order to its excellent integrated media marketing and regional communication effect.

[Event Photos]

Michael gives a speech
Michael (Left 2) is appointed panel evaluator in this summit
Michael (Left 2) presents the prize to winners and HDT representative receives the award
The cup presents the recognisation and honor