hdtMobile¡¯s Case Study Won ¡®Adworld Awards 2012 Best Mobile Marketing Creation¡¯

9th January, hdtMobile¡¯s case study¡ª¡®Samsung¡¯s Wash Machine: Save 29 Minutes to Come Back to Life¡¯, by the excellent interaction effect and the precise targeting, won ¡®Adworld Awards 2012 Best Mobile Marketing Creation¡¯ at Adworld ceremony in the evening.

hdtMobile, through the combinations of the integrated platform and the premium media, aims to deliver both the brand concept¬¡ª¡®clean, save time, and enjoy life¡¯ and advanced technology¡ª¡®Samsung¡¯s technology: creative technology saves electricity and time¡¯, to increase the recognition and preference of Samsung¡¯s wash machine in the minds of the target audiences.

hdtMobile in this case promoted the marketing events and built WAP site using the features of mobile phone, to combine the social with the interaction to achieve the multiple communications. In addition, hdtMobile targeted the right audiences for advertiser by its positioning technologies such as area positioning and time positioning. This promotion could enable the target audiences to attend the online event, know the new function of this product. In such case, Samsung¡¯s product was transmitted from mouth to mouth. This 44-days ad serving reached exposure 2,652,983 in total and generated 40,314 of clicks volume, so the good effect was achieved.

hdtMobile, the part of HDT Holdings Group as China¡¯s leading digital ad network, has been built since 2008. It cooperates with domestic mobile phones apps and media, operates the main smart systems including iOS and Android, has multiple interaction functions, matches positioning methods such as application classification, area, operators and phone types, and integrates the interactive technologies such as LBS, TTS, AR and QR Code. In addition, hdtMobile has already had two main products including MoCast and MoCity. MoCast is the first rich media in iPad platform, and MoCity can be able to combine ¡®geography¡¯ with ¡®people¡¯ with LBS. hdtMobile is always dedicated to differentiate the value of mobile marketing to offer the creative services in mobile marketing for brand advertisers.

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hdtMobile¡¯s case study¡ª¡®Samsung¡¯s Wash Machine: Save 29 Minutes to Come Back to Life¡¯

Malcolm Thorp, hdtMEDIA VP, receives the award

hdtMobile won ¡®Adworld Awards 2012 Best Mobile Marketing Creation¡¯