Brilliant 2013, because of you!¡ª¡ªHDT Holdings Group¡¯s Celebration 2013 in Shanghai

18th January, HDT Holdings Group¡¯ celebration 2013 on ¡®Brilliant 2013, because of you!¡¯ was hold in Shanghai. Our colleagues coming from HDT Shanghai and regional offices attended this party to meet a new year. The celebration included the excellent performance colleagues gave, lucky draw and the award ceremony.

[Event Photos]

From left to right: Clarence, Michael and Tao
Warm atmosphere
HDT¡¯s singers
Colleague in Sales Support Deptartment
Two sisters
Three Guys
Looking back on our childhood
Colleagues in Sales Department sing and dance
Colleagues from Sales Department chorus: I love HDT
Top managers sing and dance with us
Colleagues in R&D play the sketch
Colleagues in regional offices show the 8th gymnastic exercise
Colleagues in iWill Department play the sketch
Female impersonators dance
Female impersonators dance
We all take the photos
Full of imagination
Our blessing
Outstanding Staff Award
Big Smile Faces
Big Smile Faces
Big Smile Faces
Big Smile Faces
            Big Smile Faces