Melody Jian¡ª¡ªGeneral Manager of hdtMobile: Mobile¡¯s Differentiated Value

21st January, mobile internet marketing summit on ¡®cross-border integration, win win¡¯ was held in Beijing. Melody, General Manager of hdtMobile, gave the presentation on ¡®mobile marketing, breaking the ice¡¯ to conduct the consideration about the profit performance of mobile internet through our excellent case study.

Mobile has become the significant media as mobile internet occupies our more and more time. According to the report of CNNIC, over 70% internet users went online by mobile phone and the access to mobile media occupied 10% of all media by the end of December 2012. However, the expense of ad serving is lower than 1% in China. According to the report of DCCI and Baidu, 70.5% of mobile APP developers have not earned the profit. Therefore, the present mobile internet is still at the developing stage.

The current market urgently needs the more effective ad form as the simple banner cannot not satisfied customers any more. According to Guohead, the click-through ratio of banner reduced from 3.1% to 0.6%. Melody pointed out that we ought to pursue the differentiated value of mobile. She also introduced MoCast for iPad, MoCity with LBS and the case study of ¡®Suntory¡¯ with double-screen interaction advertisement.

Pad becomes the main platform of video ad serving. In such case, hdtMobile significantly introduced MoCast for iPad in 2012, which covered 200 China¡¯s leading portals and vertical sites to show the perfect rich media advertisement. In addition, the audiences were very interested in the case study of ¡®Nokia LUMIA¡¯s Micro-film¡¯ for iPad Melody presented.

Focusing on the new mobile advertising with LBS, hdtMobile takes the advantage of mobile phone and effectively combines ¡®location¡¯ and ¡®audience¡¯. MoCity achieves the change from media purchase to audience purchase. Melody pointed out that mobile phone was like outdoor media and shared MoCity¡¯s successful case study of ¡®Red Bull¡¯s Time¡¯.

hdtMobile is able to help advertiser achieve the maximisation of brand communication through double-screen interaction. For example, hdtMobile planed the effective communication strategy, including the combination of desktop, mobile and social, the different time segments, to target the audiences with double-screen interaction technology to deeply communication the brand for ¡®Suntory¡¯.

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Melody, hdtMobile General Manager, gives the speech