William Gu£ºRTAM-Wide, Deep, Fast and Accurate

Jan 9th£¬William Gu, the head of research and vice president of hdtMEDIA talked about ¡°RTM-New Idea, New Technology¡± in 2013 Adworld annual event of digital in Beijing. He used four parts¬¬ -wide, deep, fast and accurate to expound that what the RTAM was, and also talked about RTB, big data, machine learning algorithm and dynamic creative optimization.

¡®We can use multiple channels to communicate with the users so that we could know when and where to show the information of the user correctly. ¡®said William. He used Walgreens¡¯ SoloMo to explain what the RTAM was. Among the four characteristics, wide means that htdMEDIA had almost 34 billion daily page views. Deep means that htdMEDIA would use the platform to figure out specified nature of different people. Fast meant that it only took about 100 milliseconds to make the decision about purchase. Accurate meant go through the track of the users so that we could provide different ads to different users.

After the speech, William Gu joined the interactive discussion to discuss the value of the technical business. Jonathan Wang(Founder and Vice President of Technology), Cain Wang(Vice President of AdChina.com), Jason Shi(Technical Solution Manager of Acxiom), Xiaoyong Wei(General Manger of Beijing R&D Center and Senior Director of Technology in MediaV)took part in this discussion. Yuqing Ding(Vice President of IPINYOU), as the hostess, started the topic¡ªThe Value of Technical Marketing. 

¡°The advertisers will get most of the benefits from the use of this new technology. Then is the media, the media could use the data to estimate the effects.¡± said William when he talked about whether the technical marketing would benefits most from data.

How to use technology to help the advertisers with less money and meet the target users when dealing with the huge rate of flow? William Gu explained that hdtMEDIA used 9 dimension to fix the problem. The analysis of the users, media targeting, bid analysis targeting, creativity targeting, display targeting, channel targeting, frequency targeting, day parting and geo-targeting.

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William Gu gave a great speech

William Gu attended the discussion