hdtMEDIA Won 5 Awards in 2013 Adworld Annual Event of Digital

Jan 9th, 2013, the 2013 Adworld annual event of digital was hold by DCCI in Beijing. htdMEDIA was invited to attend this summit meeting, including the data cooperation ceremony, high-end interview, data and precision marketing, interaction and so on.

One of the most high-profile event, 2012 AD100 was announced in the same evening. Michael Tang, president of hdtMEDIA and Melody Jian, general manager of hdtMobile won this award. AD100 was conferred as DCCI distinguished experts to promote the new Internet environment.

In the following Adworld Award ceremony, Michael was invited as the guest of honor to award four prizes including ¡®Adworld Awards 2012 Best Case of Social Marketing¡¯, ¡®Adworld Awards 2012 Best Innovation of Social Marketing¡¯, ¡®Adworld Awards 2012 Best Service of Social Marketing¡¯, and ¡®Adworld Awards 2012 Best Technology of Social Marketing¡¯. During this ceremony, hdtMEDIA became the big winner. hdtDXP, digital ad exchange platform won the ¡®Adworld Awards 2012 Best Technology¡¯. hdtMobile¡¯s case study¡ª¡®Samsung¡¯s Wash Machine: Save 29 Minutes to Come Back to Life¡¯, by the excellent interaction effect and the precise targeting, won ¡®Adworld Awards 2012 Best Mobile Marketing Creation¡¯ . Adidas¡¯s case ¡®Rose returns¡¯ won ¡®Adworld Awards 2012 Best Case of E-Commerce¡¯.

It is reported that Adworld Awards 2012 had collected more than 1200 cases. There are 500 special juries, 80 professional judges and 20 expert panels to go through these cases. After 3 rounds, they finally selected the best cases. 

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Michael Tang, president of hdtMEDIA(Left 1) with winning companies

William Gu, the head of research and vice president of hdtMEDIA(Left 3) received ¡®Adworld Awards 2012 Best Technology¡¯

 Malcolm Thorp, vice president of hdtMEDIA(Left 2), received ¡®Adworld Awards 2012 Best Mobile Marketing Creation¡¯

Malcolm Thorp, vice president of hdtMEDIA(Right 1), received ¡®Adworld Awards 2012 Best Case of E-Commerce¡¯