Data: The Biggest Challenge for Mobile Marketing¡ª¡ªMichael Tang, President of hdtMEDIA, Shared His Viewpoint in 2013 MMA

Post-PC, predicted by Jobs, reveals a booming development in Chinese mobile marketing. Nelson data illustrate that the popularity rate of smart phone has reached 66%, higher than America (53%) and England (51%). This booming increase brings more opportunities for the wireless marketing. In 2012, the disbursement of mobile ad rises 138%. It is a hot issue for advertisers to promote their products and increase sales with the wireless marketing. What¡¯s going on with the mobile marketing in 2013£¿

Feb 25th, the global mobile Internet organization Mobile Marketing Association, hold MMA 2013 Prospect in Shanghai. Greg Stuart, CEO of MMA Global, ex-chairman of IBA attended this meeting. He shared his viewpoint about the global wireless marketing, also, pointed out that China had become one of the most influential emerging market in the world.

Michael Tang, president of hdtMEDIA, chair of MMA China member recruiting and sponsoring committee, was invited to attend the roundtable discussion. Alvin Chiang, CMO of RenRen and co-chair of MMA China presided over this discussion. Joshua MA, founder of Madhouse and chair of mobile advertising standards committee in MMA China; Michelle Yang, Coca Cola China media and interactive marketing director and chair of education marketing and certificate training committee in MMA China; Lily Zou, president of united of iResearch and the chair of market research committee in MMA China; Shu Yi, CEO of Limei Advertising and vice chair of cooperation and publicity committee in MMA China. The theme of this discussion was ¡®The trend of wireless marketing in China and the strategy of MMA China¡¯.

First of all, everyone shared their own mobile equipments and apps. Lily recommended that there was a famous app named ¡®Wochacha¡¯ during the Spring Festival. It was used to scan the bar code to know the price of products in the market. This app illustrated that people were interested in the price of gifts. Michael said that he used Samsung Galaxy Note and Microsoft Surface more often, and preferred to use some apps related to weather and flight. They all thought that Michael represented the style of business man.

What was the driving force for mobile marketing in China? Michael said that the answer was the demand of consumers, especially in the third-tier and fourth-tier cities. Close to life meant more opportunities. When talking about the biggest challenge of mobile marketing, Michael said that six years in mobile marketing helped hdtMEDIA know the answer. Data was the big challenge to let the advertisers to invest in mobile advertising. How to ensure the accuracy of data? How to compare data between the past and nowadays? These were all the problems that need to be solved.

As the secretary-general of MMA China member recruiting and sponsoring committee, expert of 2012 MAM Forum and 2013 Beijing Forum, Michael introduced MMA and appealed to join MMA. At the same time, hdtMEDIA, the member of MMA, platinum sponsor of 2012 MMA Shanghai Forum and 2013 Beijing Forum, and its own apparel brand hdtMobile would support MMA China aimed at promoting Chinese mobile marketing.

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From left to right is Alvin Chiang, Joshua MA, Michelle Yang, Michael Tang, Lily Zou and Shu Yi

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The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) is a global non-profit trade association established to foster growth of mobile marketing. The MMA's stated goals are to clear obstacles to market development, establish mobile media guidelines and best practices for sustainable growth, and evangelize the use of the mobile channel. The nearly 600 member companies, representing over 40 countries around the globe, include all members of the mobile media ecosystem.

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