hdtDXP Won ¡®Adworld Awards 2012 Best Technology¡¯

Jan 9th, 2013, digital ad exchange platform hdtDXP won ¡®Adworld Awards 2012 Best Technology¡¯ in 2013 Adworld annual event of digital, which was hold by DCCI.

hdtDXP is based on RTB¡ªReal Time Bidding. It means that the advertisers, agents and supplier will have a transparent and open data management through this platform. Now, many brand advertisers approve this platform.

hdtDXP is related to four important ad exchange platform include Demand-side Platform(DSP), data management platform(DMP), Ad Exchange, Supply-side Platform(SSP). hdtDXP provides the advertisers, agents and media with overall and integrated solutions.

At present, hdtDXP has 3.4 billion daily page views every day. They come from Google, Taobao, Tencent and digital ad network platform hdtMEDIA. This platform can make a suitable price according to the exposure of ad to attract the customers. It is an effective way to reduce the delivery cost and promote the effects.

With the booming development in digital marketing in 2013, the proportion of advertising by RTB will keep increasing. DSP, DMP, RTB, Ad Exchange, SSP will become the mainstream consensus in the future. It must be an important opportunity for data marketing. This award is not only approval but also encouragement for hdtMEDIA in advertising.

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William Gu, the head of research and vice president of hdtMEDIA(Left 3) received the award
Award certificate