Michael Tang: Having a Correct View about Digital Marketing

Via: Advertising Panorama
Nowadays, the number of netizen is up to 500 million. The cognition and selection of advertisers on marketing media channel and marketing method have already changed a lot. There is no marketer can ignore this market, and there is no advertiser can ignore the shares of digital marketing.

However, does the advertiser really understand this market? Whether the requirements of digital marketing are reasonable or not? How does the digital marketer do the marketing plan in order to meet the demands of both advertiser and netizen? What is the trend of digital marketing? The journalist has an interview with the president of hdtMEDIA Mr Tang due to those questions.

The difficult advertiser
The advertiser shows an increasing trust for digital marketing along with the quickly development of Internet. The top brand P&G has already proved it by using the digital marketing. However Michael suggests that the advertiser who has a clear understanding about digital marketing is very limitation. Majority of them do not understand it.

Michael Tang presents that there is a cognition deflection for advertisers on digital marketing measurement. The advertiser who is growing under a traditional media environment can know about the traditional media situation clearly. Therefore, they usually use the traditional media standard to test the digital media when they are choosing the digital media to do the advertising. Actually, the traditional media and the digital media are completely different, and their returns on investment are different as well.

Several advertisers pay more attention on the digital marketing because the digital marketers exaggerate the digital marketing function. In that case, advertisers usually depend on the digital marketing overly. They may have a higher demand on the accuracy when they are running advertising on the Internet. However, in order to get more orders from advertisers, some digital marketing companies promise to meet all the demands of advertisers unconditionally. Advertisers will feel disappoint when their demands are not met, they may dislike the digital marketing, and even distrust about the digital marketing.

Mr Tang refers that customer is always god so that the quickly development of digital marketing industry must thanks to the strict requirement of advertisers on digital marketing. The digital marketing companies need to be more perfect in two aspects mainly. On the longitudinal direction, try to make sure the network nature of each netizen by using the modern technology. The digital marketing company need to improve its data monitoring method, and get progress exactly on population nature targeting¡¢interest targeting and regional targeting. The digital marketing company need to have an all-round understanding about each consumer, and then can provide a correct marketing plan. On the latitudinal direction, try to collect the data size as much as possible. In that case, the digital marketing company can help advertisers to find more potential customers based on the complete database.

The difficult audience
On the chain of digital marketing, one side is the advertiser and other is the netizen. The netizen has already changed from the passive receiver to the active receiver due to the increasingly development of social media. They are not interested in the similar marketing information which is boring and without creative ideas. Enforcing the customers to accept advertising is not fashionable now. In such marketing environment, the digital marketer need to attract audiences¡¯ attention by making use of the creative methods, and encourage netizen to join the brand marketing event actively.

Mr Tang mentions that the creative print advertising cannot meet netizen¡¯s demands of digital marketing times on creative form, especially for the generation after 80s and 90s. They like interaction and join the activity to enjoy the happy. Besides, they prefer to show their talents and personality. Therefore, the digital marketing company needs to provide a platform for those young people, and let them to discover themselves constantly. In that case, audiences could be attracted by the brand event website.

In this period, marketing event cannot promote the brand overly, but need to look for the common point between the event and the brand. On the social media platform, each commercialization event will bring a horrible effect on brand. In Michael¡¯s opinion, the micro blog is just a platform for advertisers and consumers to communicate with each other, not the sale platform of products. Majority of advertisers prefer to use lottery in micro blog to encourage netizen to transmit the message and gain rewards. However such behavior is not suitable, because those volumes for transmission cannot help to build the official micro blog. It will not be noticed when the audience are not interested in the rewards. Therefore, Michael believes that the micro blog should be the first-aid case of brand marketing. When consumers have any questions and doubt, advertiser can provides reply and solution immediately. In that case, consumers may feel that advertisers are concerned with them, and they may become to the real fans and loyalty customers.

Treating both the new media and old media with a equal attitude
According to related statistics, the budget of British digital media has already exceeded traditional media. The digital media is occupying the traditional media markets now, and change more audiences¡¯ attention from off-line to on-line. Whether the traditional media will disappear or not in the future? Michael does not agree with this hypothesis. He explains that the   traditional media and the digital media are complementary and co-existation, they have different markets according to the different features. Young people in big cities are familiar with Internet, and they are the loyalty fans of new media. While the consumers or elders in small cities are the main audiences of traditional media. They prefer TV¡¢broadcast and newspaper than Internet. Those two different media are all very important in the brand transmission.

Absolutely, an increasing number of digital marketing successful cases improve advertisers to pay more attention on the digital media from 15% to 20%-30% and even more. The traditional media need to change and update constantly when the mobile terminal is the main channel for customers to get information. Therefore, it is necessary for traditional media to increase its competitive ability. Michael suggests that many traditional media have already improved a lot. For example, the outdoor LED advertising has adopted AR to interact with audiences in time. It is not only enriching the pattern of manifestation, but also gaining a wonderful marketing effect. While the traditional media such as TV station and newspaper can help to develop the mobile terminal application, and let audiences can watch the TV programme and newspaper through the mobile media. That can bring more vitality to the traditional media. It also can help traditional media to keep their old audiences, and add more new audiences who are interested in the digital media.

Facing changes with a younger attitude
As a 10 years digital marketing company, hdtMEDIA is not afraid of the changes of marketing environment in the future. Mr Tang suggests that we need to pay attention on the industry development and foster talented people constantly, research the new technology and product industriously with a young attitude. Besides, we still need to provide a better service to our customers, and lead the whole industry development.

On the personnel training, hdtMEDIA equals to the Huangpu Military Academy of marketing industry. It has already fostered many professional and technical personnel to many different industries which includes brand company¡¢media and marketing company. In the future, hdtMEDIA will still make a contribution on the personnel training. hdtMEDIA will keep a strict and rigorous attitude on product development. We will design different new products according to the mobile terminal products foundation¡¢customers¡¯ demands and differences of mobile terminal. On the brand transmission, hdtMEDIA has already built a better reputation on good service and customer loyalty for more than 10 years. Our customers include the household appliances¡¢cars¡¢medical treatment¡¢commodity and food. In the future, hdtMEDIA will still help our partners to maintain and promote their brand, and gain more trust and reliable from our customers.