The Combination between Advertising and Advertising Park----Michael Tang Emcees the Advertising Park Sustainable Development Conference

How to combine advertising and Advertising Park effectively?
Based on this question of Michael, Dinghai Jin explains that CCTV advertising bidding is 15.8 billion on 18th Nov, while the sales volume of Tmall is 19.1 billion on 11th Nov. The development speed of new media is faster than the old media. Therefore, the new media has the positive effect on the sustainable and diversifiable development of advertising parks.

On 30th Nov, the opening ceremony was held in Suzhou Jinfeng advertising industrial park. Leaders of the state administration on industry and commerce、provincial leaders、medias 、famous academics in advertising industry、advertising corporation、advertiser and foundation corporation representatives gathered together. As the president of hdtMEDIA, the lecturer at School of Journalism & Communications, Peking University, Mr Tang was invited to be the emcee of the Chinese advertising industrial park sustainable development conference.

Dinghai Jin, the vice-president of Shanghai Normal University, Humanities and Communication College, believed that the establishment of Advertising Park shows our country pays attention on advertising industry. He continued to explain by using placard in Advertising Park that implementing the advertising strategy is the important method for improving independent innovation and independent brand construction. It is the important channel for increasing the economic development changing and stimulating domestic demand. It is also the basic requirement for improving the cultural industrial development.

Dinghai Jin pointed that the similar orientation is the normal problem for the Advertising Park. A well-known advertising artist Yunchang Di believed that the advertising is human¨s industry, not the machinery industry. The advertising park should be people targeting. He mentioned that one of the important standards for choosing the address of Advertising Park is that whether there is a Starbucks, because the address choosing of Starbucks is people oriented.

Lijun Jia, the Chinese presiding chairman of International Effie, agreed with it, and presented that the advertising park should be changed from high-tech Park to community. The key development orientation should be changed from hardware equipment to virtual platform.

Zhenglin Xu, the Vice-president of the School of Film & TV Arts and Technology of Shanghai University (SFTAT), suggested that the majority part of Chinese advertising is some small and micro businesses. 90% enterprises can produce 10% profits. In order to increase its competitive power and connotation, the advertising park need to attract one or two famous companies firstly.

Zhenghui Chen, the advertising department manager of College of Media and Communication of Shanghai International Studies University,  presented that the sustainable development of advertising park should depends on the investigation of economy、environment and society.

According to the question of the enterprise representative - How does the start-up company to develop in such strong marketing competition? Michael explained that there is a common point between doing business and falling in love. There is only one girlfriend, while the company also has one profitable point. When we catch it and develop it, it will be successful.

[Event photos]:

From left to right: Dinghai Jin、Weizhong Yin、Michael、Zhengling Xu

People present and share opinions in the conference