Integrating Power and Sharing Penetration

On 12nd Jan, 2012, the first China Communications Leadership Forum was held in Beijing. In the main session, Liping Sun, the sociologist and the professor of Tsinghua University made a speech on ¡°Getting Out of the Transition Trap, and Doing Revolution Again¡± in the morning. According to the tendency after 18th Party Congress, he analyzed the current four choices, and suggested that China need to build a fair and righteous society through a revolution. Besides, he mentioned that the vested interest group which is built in the revolution is the most serious issue.

In the parallel session, Michael Tang, the president of hdtMEDIA was invited as the emcee and made speech in the afternoon. His funny analysis about consumers¡¯ insight and media using in villages caused consideration of all the representatives on advertising, public relations, events and interaction fields. After that, Baoyuan Xu (the president of NTI), Yibing Han (the president of the Chinese advertising network),  Yihe Zhao (the vice-president of Charm) made speeches as well. Yihe Zhao presented that marketing has already entered into the times of effect integrated marketing. There are 5 tendency of brand effect communication. Firstly, from seeking the frequency by multiple combination to seeking influence by integrated transmission; Secondly, from the multi-channel cover to a strong channel volume; Thirdly, from the accurate target audiences to accurate information; Fourthly, from the single media interaction to the multimedia interaction; Fifthly, from one transmission to multiple transmission. Baoyuan Xu provided an integrated marketing transmission consideration in Micro-times(micro-increasing¡¢micro-marketing and micro- information). He mentioned that the integrated marketing transmission method in micro-times should follow the technological development, and implement the new tool Web3.0 flexibly and effectively.

Michael emceed the round-table panel about ¡°Integrating power and sharing penetration¡± humorously after others¡¯ brilliant speeches. Ming Tan (the president of Linksus Marketing), Weiming Yang (the vice-president of Highteam), Li Chen (the vice-president of New Trend Integrated Group)¡¢Suge Ma (the president of Attention Public Relations), Juzhou Zhang (the president of Chuanmc) took part in the discussion together with three speakers. Ming Tan presented that the cloud marketing of Linksus is a network marketing which is focused on social media marketing, and provides a one-stop transmission solution plan on social media marketing, and cannot give up the profession under the integrated situation. Weiming Yang presented that the current public relations is a customer orientation model, and need to combine with event, interaction and communication. Juzhou Zhang emphasized that we need to do a better consumer research and have a complete understanding on customers¡¯ demands in the integrated transmission situation.

The general manager of hdtMobile Melody was the emcee of the award ceremony in the evening. The whole ceremony gathered happy, graceful, glamour and passion together, and provided a wonderful show with the vice-president of AcrossChina Communication Xinhong Zhang. There is one thing need to be congratulated that Michael Tang, the president of hdtMEDIA won the 2012 Chinese media personality of the Year Award. Michael has 30 years working experiences on communication in Chinese mainland, Hongkong and Australia, and makes contribution to the communication industry. His persistent efforts to faith in life and the activity living attitude on life, food and host could be a positive example for learning.

People in this conference feel a strong vitality of Chinese communication industry and the impact of modern communication industry. Hoping in the future, Chinese communication industry not only can bring a new opportunity for development of China cultural creative industry, but also can improve the promotion and development of Chinese social economy effectively.

Event photos:

Michael emcees the round-table panel

Michael wins the 2012 Chinese media personality of the Year Award

Melody Jian, the general manager of hdtMobile shines in the Gala• Communications 2012.