Life Does not Beat not Wonderful¡ª¡ªthe Exclusive Interview of CHINAdvertising for the President of hdtMEDIA Michael Tang

Michael Tang said that he is a completist, and be strict with his employees and students. He is not only the spirit leader of hdtMEDIA, but also be a lecturer at School of Journalism & Communications, Peking University. Besides, he is one of the promoters of Internet advertising industry as well. Michael has already entered into a free situation that can play different roles, and meanwhile do not give up the life spice. He likes music, movie, dogs, micro-blog and hops to share his life with friends. The most important thing for him is to see the growing of the next advertising generation.

Doing business successfully beginning with the traditional advertising industry
Michael¡¯s career life is successful and enviable. With 30 years working experiences in advertising industry, Michael experienced a tremendous change of the traditional advertising which was brought by Internet. In 2004, he entered into this fresh industry with passion. Like many others, Michael felt that this fresh industry will be an important opportunity for the next economic development. However, because of the following dangerous of Internet, many people who had already involved it chose to come back to the traditional advertising industry again. They do not know how long the dangerous could be last, and the traditional one must be much safer. However, he chose to insist on the fresh industry.

Mr Tang passed the low tide of Internet and company, and then met a huge transfer of his career. He did not imagine how successful he is before he took part in hdtMEDIA. He just thought that when he comes in, he needs to insist it. Nowadays, the staff population of hdtMEDIA has already developed from 20 to 500. Michael mainly provides support and control on the whole idea, and does not deal with details carefully by himself.

Michael Tang presented that the traditional advertising industry and the internet industry are two fields that can be the example with each other. He always transmits the idea on ¡°service¡± to each department. That could be the disadvantage of some internet advertising company which is good at on technology. Michael likes to set an example about how to use the details to persuade customers. He insists that a long history company not only has the brilliant technology and products, but also provides the wonderful service. As a senior specialist in advertising industry, he has a deep understanding on this point.

To be a Preacher Man of company
Nowadays, the internet advertising has already changed from the extensive competition to the intensive competition. Michael hopes hdtMEDIA could be an industry leader that provides the integrated service in such environment. There is a increasing up-rising stars enter into this industry. We need to build our own special competition advantages, and then we can exist in this industry forever. Michael suggests that the future of hdtMEDIA is aim to provide a integrated service on display advertising, video advertising and mobile advertising for our customers, not only a single platform.

Currently, many people think that the internet advertising is cheap. Michael says that is a wrong region. For example, when purchasing media with CPM, the price of company A is 20 yuan, company B is 18 yuan and company C is 12 yuan. Therefore, we need to consider firstly that all the digital media companies need to keep maintain their cost. They will not do the bad bargain. When you find a company with the lowest price that means its media quality may not be the best. This is an issue that exists in the whole industry. According to the data report, lots of customers may feel confused about that the media they purchase do not have the best quality. That is because they pay less. Several companies may combine the superior and inferior media resource together, just tell customers a whole CPM, and then sell it in order to get more profits. In that case, the final effect of advertising is not good enough. Therefore, that is a tremendously wrong region of digital media on price purchase.

Michael is very peaceful in such price competition. He does not believe this kind of price war can insist for a long time. A company needs to keep a foothold in the industry by enhancing its brand assets. Therefore, he is always busy in many different kinds of public occasion, and tries his best to transmit company¡¯s idea to our competitors and customers. He likes a Preacher Man, and he must to face this role.

To be a candle, burns himself and illuminates others
Michael presents that the development of internet advertising in those 10 years can be described as increasing quickly, changing constantly, the good and bad are intermingled, and has a bright future. He feels exciting about the quickly development of internet, and enjoy the prosperity and twists of this industry. He likes challenge and competition, and hopes to in charge of his fortune by himself. Meanwhile, do not forget to enjoy life.

Michael always shares his 10 years experiences with his students, and let students to comprehend the theory inside from those cases. He is very serious on each role. As a teacher, he revises lesson plan and adds the latest cases every year, aim to transmit knowledge and answer questions patiently.

To observe the funny things around our life carefully is one of the working habits of Michael. People are talking about the consume potential of 3rd and 4th tier provincial cities. In order to get an all-round understanding, Michael makes the marketing research personally to observe the local people¡¯s life, such as the native cars, the native habits on watching TV, the native mobile. In that case, Michael can do a judgment of market by those observations.

In Caf¨¦ Bar, maybe you can see an uncle who is playing micro-blog seriously. He is gentle¡¢pacific and full of childlike innocence. However at this moment, maybe he is not relaxed as what we saw. Maybe he is considering about the corporate combination, or preparing for the listing plan of company. Life is endless, and it is the motto of Michael to encourage himself constantly.