Big Data: the Unsung Heroes of the Precision Targeting Advertisement

                                                Clarence Zheng(CEO of htdMEDIA)

Whether you can understand the meaning of the big data, it is obviously so popular now. All successful companies such as Google, Facebook and Weibo are all based on the big data. Although many companies know the concept of big data, they cannot add them to a standard system. How to use data as a product is actually a watershed between big companies and small companies.

Big data is an actual available product
If we could calculate numerous data£¬we could turn sterile data as a 3D product. As the development of Internet and Mobile Internet, every user has already become the subject where the data come from. Then we can use some methods to know the behavior of the users. With the combination of the behavior and technology such as LBS, we can easily record the users¡¯ behaviors according to the time and the space dimensions.

How to take advantage of big data? There are two key points. One is to hold the individuation. The individuation is the business model that could overturn the traditional model. For example, Weibo and Weichat are all the individual products. The second point is how to use big data. The future of the Internet and the Mobile Internet all depend on the technology. The advertisers should know both the advertisement and the technology in the future.

Technology has been the core of hdtMEDIA for more than ten years. It helps us gather large amounts of data and experience. First of all, it will create diaries to record the advertising. Second, we could analysis these diaries so that we could create our own report form and build a data analysis platform. Third, we could use this technology architecture, combined with massively parallel computing technology, NoSQL and cloud computing to analysis big data. It can create a report form and help the advertisers rectify the mistakes and reach their targets. How to turn this technology into reality? It is not easy as we think.

How to turn the concept of big data into effective products? When dealing with the configuration of product line, we have our own plan. According to the development of the Internet Marketing, hdtMEDIA releases iCast, iFocus, mobile digital ad network platform hdtMobile and hdtDXP,the digital ad exchange platform based on big data, RTB and display advertising.

Currently, the version of hdtDXP is only 1.0. Although it still needs clients, agency and media to practice, we have already known that the combination of the advertisements and search engine is the strategy for advertising in the future. As everyone knows, Google is now using this strategy. But hdtMEDIA doesn¡¯t do this service, hdtDXP mainly focus on display advertising.

The operational procedure of hdtDXP is to use bidding to purchase display advertising. Compared with the text link ads, display advertising can present the core of ad. Based on RTB, our platform can gather more advertising space from Ad Network and more media which haven¡¯t join our Ad Network. The advertisers can use bidding to purchase advertising space. It means that we could combine the display advertising with RTB so that the clients will know the effect at any time.

Big data promote the precision ad
Now, the Internet could show us the individualized users and let ad target its clients. Take people as the foremost is the key for ad in the future. How to achieve it? The answer is to use the concept of big data in the technology. Only with advanced data management and technical support, the people foremost will come true.

Use the precision technology to find a suitable person is not the end. Methodology is also essential. If you find a suitable people without right calculation, it will also create some mistakes and show the wrong information. Lack of the people analyzing data and using technology to create is the problem to restrict the development of big data. It is not easy to take advantage of big data into advertisement.

Big data can help existing products and platforms accomplish the targeted delivery. For example, our digital ad exchange platform hdtDXP is designed according to the concept ¡®the data is king¡¯. We use Hadoop, NoSQL, Hive and some advanced cloud storage and data technology in the background at all times. The users can track the effect of advertising and improve in time. This is one of the affects of big data when using hdtDXP. As the use of big data, the advertisers could know the effect of advertising at any time and find out the problems. Advertising could be more precision for advertisers, also, avoid some waste.

Moreover, iFocus is the product which gathers the oriented technology solutions to find the targeted audiences for advertising communication. When dealing with the targeted content, population attributes, interest and time, the big data can effectively target the users accurately and flexible.

In a word, big data can help users draft differential business strategies and products promotion. Personalized delivery on the Internet Ad is able to achieve. For example, if the user is interested in a sports brand, then he could see the ad on the website in one of the ad space. If the user is interested in an auto brand, he could see the auto ad on the same place. Big data could let the same ad space show different effects according to personal attributes. That¡¯s the contribution of big data.