Colin Han¬¡ªVice President, R&D, HDT Holding Ltd: The Standard of Rich Media Ads Needs to Be Established
     Journalist: Xiaoyan Chen
                                              Published on ¡®ADVERTISING PANORAMA¡¯
The glaring and interactive Rich Media ads break through the limitation of traditional ads and overturn the understanding of the audiences. More and more advertisers are using Rich Media to create fantastic ads. Rich Media not only brings amazing visual effects but also attracts audiences to purchase the products.
Rich Media has experienced 10 years when Sina produced its first Rich Media ads in 2012. During these 10 years, Rich Media has got great progress in net citizen¡¯s experience and approval from the advertisers and agents. Colin Han, vice present in HDT Holding Ltd, thinks that there is still much space for Rich Media to develop, so, the standard of Rich Media ads needs to be established.
Look back the 10 years again
With 10 years development, the representation and range of network ads, pop-up ads, floating ads, expandable ads, and linkage ads change a lot by Rich Media. At the same time, technology shows the maximum function. Colin thinks that Rich Media has already made a numerous progress with technology during these 10 years.
The first Rich Media ad came out by Sina in December, 2012. hdtMEDIA cooperate with Hylike to advertising video clips of the movie ¡®Hero¡¯ which sponsored by Motorola, using iCast. 3 years later, Rich Media gained booming development in 2005, including 8 categories and 36 types. In 2008, during the Olympic Games, the interactive ads started to be tested. When the social networking site developed, Rich Media started deeper cooperation with SNS, Weibo and the other social media. The booming development of video media attracted Rich Media on the pre-movie adverts and mobile equipments.
Different kinds of expression depend on technology. Colin thinks that technology and the accuracy of advertising are not specific for Rich Media, but it brings wider development for technology. For example, the video clips of ¡®Hero¡¯ were only showed in a small widow on the lower right corner. Audiences could only see these clips without any interaction. Technology now brings more Rich Media ads and interaction at any time. Interaction can not only create the audiences¡¯ interests and degree of goodwill, also be good to the spread of information.
At the same time, the Internet tracking technology can easily find out net citiizens¡¯ attributes such as age, sexuality and hobbies. Ads could accurately find the right audiences. For example, we can recommend kinds of articles for babies to the pregnant. We can recommend the football fans with the different team jerseys. For the housewives, we can recommend the kitchen goods.
Colin also mentions that hdtMEDIA keep working on Rich Media with the other companies after the first wonderful Rich Media ad. So far, there are some professional companies which focus on Rich Media in China. Let the ads be perfect to the advertisers is the eternal target for these companies.
The Standard needs to be established
Rich Media ads came out in abroad. There is no doubt that foreign countries already have their own standard drafted by the third party organization. Colin thinks that Rich Media ads abroad have two advantages, while Rich Media ads in China still have a wider space to improve.
The first advantage is the high degree of standardization. The standard of Rich Media ads in abroad has become written rules. Companies can refer to this standard to produce the ads. Compared with the situation in China, because the media need to concern the audiences¡¯ sensory experiences, there is a high requirement of decibel and measurement of Rich Media ads. On the other hand, with the lack of standard organizations, only after the industry leaders trying kinds of Rich Media ads, then the fact standard come out. But in some situation, this standard will not have persuasiveness and universal adaptability.
The second advantage is the clear division of labor in different companies. With the good development of Rich Media industry in abroad, companies in this industrial chain will have a clear division of labor, mainly focus on what they are good at. This would bring a development for the whole industry. But companies in China, from taking over the case to technology application, until advertising, are all assumed by one company.
Colin thinks that the incomplete standard will let the advertisers customize different ads according to the requirements of the media. It not only creates the budget but also no standard to judge. Unclear division of labor will bring more segments for companies to do. Companies cannot do what they are good at, so how to finish the task seems difficult and slow.
Colin hopes that companies in this industry should get together and make an industry standard. Find out the suitable advantages from abroad and popularize. After the standard completed, every company will have a better development.
Change and opportunities
Rich Media industry practitioner has experienced kinds of challenges in 2012, but also full of opportunities.
The first challenge is how to avoid aesthetic fatigue. Audiences showed numerous interests in the first Rich Media ad. But now, they will choose to ignore. Audiences have no interests in the common ads. Click rates of the Rich Media ad of ¡®Hero¡¯ is approximately 15%, while the same ad now could only gain 2%. Companies need to bring more creativity in the Rich Media ads to bring good feelings to the audiences.
The second challenge is the balance between the audiences¡¯ experience and advertising effect. Open a website for the audiences is to find the information they need. When unrelated ads shown up in the scream, how to avoid the antipathy? This is the problems that Rich Media need to face.
Behind the challenges, opportunities certainly exist. First of all, the development of video website will push the requirements of pre-movie adverts and suspended advertising for the advertisers. This brings wider space for the Rich Media companies. Practitioners of Rich Media should catch this opportunities and vigorously develop this industry.
The booming developments of mobile Internet also have broad prospects for Rich Media. With the spread of mobile Internet and application, creative ads on the palm media also contain many opportunities.
hdtMEDIA, which produced the first Rich Media ad, has focus on the mobile Internet and video ads. Colin hopes that with the efforts of hdtMEDIA and the other companies, we could make a unified standard and expand the media platform. It will become an important channel for advertising for the brand advertisers. Colin also hopes that there will be a commercial that has special measurement and form for Rich Media ads to compete with the TV commercials.