Whether you are a brand yourself¡ªMichael Tang gave a speech for 4A College
April 9th in the afternoon, Michael Tang, President of hdtMEDIA, was invited to Communication University of China to give a speech for the activity named 4A College. 4A College was established to spread the knowledge of advertising to the students and teachers who were related to this subject. Michael used the example of Steve Jobs who got a deep comprehension from the calligraphy lessons as the beginning of his wonderful speech. Jobs was addicted to the history of calligraphy and art of Reed College. Then he suspended his schooling to learn calligraphy. After inventing the first Macintosh computer, he put all the calligraphy he learned into the computer, then Windows started to use them too, finally now we could see the beautiful calligraphy in the computer. If he didn¡¯t learn this lesson, this would not happen. The prologue inspired the students a lot to discover the world.
The advertising need solve an important question. Information of the clients includes so many questions to be solved. Michael said that as an advertiser, the only ways to make the customers touched was to analysis the targeted audiences and clients¡¯ questions rationally and find a perceptual way to express the contents. When talking about the difference between the perceptual advertising and the functional advertising, one of the students said the right answer, the perceptual advertising publicizes the brands, while the functional advertising publicizes the products.
During the speech, Michael talked about curiosity, perceptual sence, brands, 4P theory and insight related to his 30 years experience in advertising. Whether the brands were important? Whether you were a brand yourself? The students said that brands contained intangible value, could bring better understanding and were also lively. Michael said that when a person was born and got his name, he had become a brand. People need to grow up, that was how a brand could be a property finally.
In the end, Michael shared his experience about brand research in rural areas, northwest of China, with some local people. There were no products of famous brands such as TV, mobile, car, shampoo, body lotion and so on. People were all use imitated products; it seemed that people would seek the brands no matter what their living environment was. According to this result, would lower price products replace the brands for a long time? These analyses brought deeply thoughts to the audiences, although the speech was finished, the discovery of the brands still continued.
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Michael gave the speech earnestly

Audiences carefully listened to the speech and took part into the interactio