The Migration of Interactive Marketing- Michael Hosted the Conversation in 2013 Adworld Annual Event of Digital
Socialization and mobile were all the characteristics of Internet in 2012. Social Media was transferring to Social Network. With the sharply rise of Mobile Internet, Marketing was getting closer to the users. Different from p-t-p mode, the marketing mode was transferring to multi-touch mode. Internet Marketing was becoming more accurate. Under the background of the development, 2013 Adworld Annual Event of Digital was opened in the convention center of Beijing Landmark Towers.
Michael Tang, president of hdtMEDIA, hosted the high-level conversation in the morning. The theme of the conversation was around the migration of interactive marketing. Ben Legg(CEO of Adknowledge), Brain Magierski(CEO of Appconomy), Richard Wang(Executive Deputy General Manager of Neo@Ogilvy China), Lv Yong(CEO of Media Contacts), Gao Chao(manager of NetEase operation center), Liu Chunning(vice-president of Tencent), Jin Ling(vice-president of, Vanessa Liu(director, search engine marketing at, took part in this discussion.
With the migration of Internet, behaviors of users changed a lot. How to know the feelings of users to accomplish the goal effectively? Jin Ling said that data came from the access record when using the Internet and Mobile Internet. It was valuable for the marketing people to analyze. On the other hand, analyzing big data should concern the users¡¯ social identity and psychological behaviors. For example, a successful case of marketing must bring users love and happiness.
How the evolution of mobile terminal could turn traditional Mobile Internet and Internet to integrated marketing mode? After Michael asking this question, Vanessa said that enterprises should take part in brand creation and marketing concept. SIVA was the core idea, including solutions, information, value and access. Marketing should concern the consumers¡¯ need. Liu Chunning said that it really changed a lot in 2012, channels between consumers and Internet was different from the past, Tencent need to be positive to face this challenge, take advantage of big data and know what the consumers need. Era of diversification is coming. Lv Yong said that it was not the first time to face this subversion. We needed to dig out that what it could bring to us.
Finally, all the honored guests summarized the key words for the migration of interactive marketing. The key words were reconstruction, meaningful communication, migration, effective, users¡¯ psychology and SIVA.
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