Customer-Orientation Gave CMO a New Mission¡ª¡ªMichael Attended CMO VIP Meeting

undefinedDigital marketing is becoming more and more complex because of the development of data, social media and various terminals. This requires enterprises to have the ability to enhance the competitiveness, increase the insight into customer need and forecast the future market.

30th October, Michael, President of hdtMEDIA, was invited to CMO VIP meeting in Beijing. The topic of this meeting was ¡®customer-orientation gave CMO a new mission¡¯, concentrating on customer¡¯s consumption behaviour and marketing model, to discuss how to create the new opportunity in the era of big data.

In the panel, Michael presented that CMO was becoming more and more important in the digital marketing environment. In addition, Zhihong Zhang (Agis) thought that CMO would play a significant role in the re-definition of sales and marketing department. Also, Chen Xue (iProspect) pointed out that there had been the change in the role of business to keep the interaction with customers such as the combination of CMO and CIO. Moreover, Haijing Wang discussed that how to influence the development and competition of the enterprises was the challenge of the traditional marketing in the era of big data.

Marketing is not the sole and links with other elements, such as technology, strategy, research and aftersales. It needs to build a new marketing system, which needs to precisely find out customer need, target customer, and creative interaction communication to achieve the measurable effect marketing. In terms of CMO itself, the responsibility is close to the final customers. In terms of enterprise value, CMO is not only to drive the marketing events, but also to influence the strategies such as product, pricing and service.

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Michael attends CMO VIP meeting