Michael as the Invited Guest for Chinese Element International Creative Award

28th October, the 7th Ceremony of Chinese Element International Creative Award on ¡®We Are the New Youths¡¯ was held at Tianjing Theatre in the evening.

¡®The Isolated Keyboard¡¯ which is designed by Chao Xiong won the Grand Award, which called on us to go away the computers and paid more attention to our family.

Michael (President of hdtMEDIA) as the guest gave the Award of ¡®Glamour and Fashion¡¯ to ¡®Si Te Dongfang Yun¡¯ with the senior adpersonin¡ªRaymond.

In addition, the senior adpersonin¡ªYilong Hong as 88 years old came to this ceremony. All of people gave the senior a big hand as respect.

[Event Photos]

Michael gives the prize to the enterprise

A group photo