Open your mind¡ªMichael Tang and Melody Jian host the 4th Golden Mouse E-marketing Forum
Real Time, digital, multiple contacts, vivid, UGC, fragmentation, chain are all the trends of Internet Media. As a marketer, how to deal with the growing crises and opportunities are all important.
April 19th, the 4th Golden Mouse E-Marketing Forum & Competition, hold by School of Journalism & Communication in Peking University,, Global Brand Insight and Digital Marketing, opened in Wanda Sofitel hotel in Beijing. ¡®Open your mind¡¯ was the theme of this forum, the experts and the industry elites all gathered in this forum, they started from the time dimension and space dimension to show their opinion about the future of the marketing.
¡®Mode Innovation of the Digital Marketing¡¯ was the first topic of the forum in the afternoon. Michael Tang, president of hdtMEDIA and guest professor of the School of Journalism & Communication in Peking University, hosted this part. The humorous style of his host brought good repercussion between the wonderful speeches. The same old stuff with a new label was the common falling of marketing, said Wen Qin, CEO of DRATIO, Internet was not a media, it contained quantifiable management, timely regulation, and marketing platform with self growing. Jiren Fu, Manager of the Marketing Centre, used a video to show his opinion of the digital marketing, how could the native advertising integrate into the media environment was essential.
The next topic is ¡®Technology Driven of the Digital Marketing¡¯. Melody Jian, General Manager of hdtMobile hosted this topic. Melody started this topic by using the news ¡®Wish Everything goes well¡¯, which happened between the president and the taxi driver. She compared technology to the sail. Start from the technology driven to the case sharing, the speakers combined the theory and fact with their high perspicacity and gave great speeches in the end.
¡¾Event Photo¡¿

The humorous host style brought the hot atmosphere
Melody hosted the topic ¡®Technology Driven of the Digital Marketing¡¯