Promote the Industry Standard, hdtMEDIA attended to sign the ¡®The Convention of the Behavior of the Network Data¡¯
After the International Day for Consumers¡¯ Rights and Interests on March 15th, the safety of the individual privacy on the Internet was widely mentioned. One hand, the abuse of the cookie would lead to leaking the individual privacy. On the other hand, as the base and advantage of the Network Marketing, cookie had its own value. How to balance these two aspects? This question meant that we should find out the boundary to measure the use of cookie.
In order to formulate a standard for the behavior of the Internet Marketing and individual privacy, 15 famous companies in Network marketing such as hdtMEDIA, iResearch, they all got together and established the committee which mainly specified the data of users in China Network marketing. Finally they signed ¡®The Convention of the Behavior of the Network Data¡¯.
As the pioneer in the Network Marketing industry, hdtMEDIA treated the behavior of the data, the protection of the individual privacy and the safety of the Internet as the business accountability. As the member of the committee, hdtMEDIA would cooperate with the government, and established the standard with the companies in the industry. We all wanted to promote a better environment for the China Network Marketing.
¡®The Convention of the Behavior of the Network Data¡¯ was published by the committee, which aimed at normalizing the standard of the Network Data behavior, protecting the lawful rights of the users and maintaining a better environment for the Internet.
It is reported that this convention mentioned that the member need to respect the consumers¡¯ right to know and choose. The Internet companies and the third party network marketing companies need to publish the policy to protect the individual privacy on their official website. The policy included telling the aim of using data, forbidding using the data without users¡¯ permission and abusing the data. It was lawful when the browser was set to allow collecting cookie. The anonymous data could be used by the companies to analysis and promote their service and marketing events, but it could not do harm to the users.