The Questions of Mobile Marketing must be Answered- Melody Jian, General Manager of hdtMobile, Attended Mworld2013
Mworld 2013 was hold on April 24th in Beijing. The conference this year used ¡®The Second Wave of Mobile Marketing-the coming commercial ways and discovery of the business ¡¯ as the theme. The highlight of this conference is the open platform. Melody Jian, General Manager of hdtMobile attended this conference and gave a speech named the ¡®The Questions of Mobile Marketing- The Measurable value¡¯.
Melody had attended this conference three years in a row, this experiences brought more thoughts for her. Now, more than half of the internet traffic came from the mobile traffic, but for the advertisers, did they invest more than half of the fund on the mobile marketing? The answer was No, that was the question the marketers need to solve. How to measure its value correctly was important. Game meant that we could make the right decision for ourselves by considering our ability when dealing with the other people; this was the situation that media procurement presented. The ways of Internet purchasing included CPT, CPM, CPC, CPA and CPS. CPM was common, while CPA showed better effect in Mobile Internet. With so many ways of procurement, which was good for the advertising platform?
Melody gave an example from the daily life. When purchasing pears, the same kilo of pears showed different tastes, shape and size. This meant the unit of procurement was not equal to the unit of measurement. Advertisers still had no unit of measurement, so that they could not estimate the ways of procurement.
Use KPI was the best way to solve these problems. According to the mobile marketing standard which was published by MMA, professional and standard measurement would indeed promote the development of the industry. In the end, Melody used ¡®Risk¡¯ instead of ¡®Thank you¡¯ in her PPT, because the risks were everywhere, but it contained the future of the Mobile Internet. This meant that advertisements were not simply transferred from the PC platform to the mobile platform. We all hoped that Mobile Internet would have a better development in the future.
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Melody Jian, general manager of hdtMobile gave a speech