The Tough Transition of the Mobile Marketing
July 26th, Adworld 2013 * Summer was hold in Beijing. The Use of Mobile Data forum started with the theme named ¡®Move to the light Internet¡¯. Michael Tang, President of hdtMEDIA, as the host, took part in this forum with Sen Lin (Founder of Ad View), Yufeng Rao (Vice President of Shanlink Operation Centre in Balintimes), Jack Xiao(Internet Operation Manager of OPPO Shenzhen), Juehui Yin(CEO of ZZSS).
Internet was becoming much ¡®lighter¡¯ than before when dealing with the users¡¯ experience. Light meant much more relax and fragmental, it also meant more concepts would came out. The transition from traditional Internet to mobile Internet, for example, when QR code came out, it brought much challenges to the marketers. Michael invited the guests to share their experience about the tough transition. Yufeng Rao said that this transition must be tough, but only in this way we could find the valuable and effective audiences and delivered to the customers.
When talking about advertising on the mobile, Michael asked that the advertisers now were looking for some successful apps and refused to create apps, whether it was a common phenomenon? Juehui Yin said that creating and spreading apps for advertisers meant they might be out of control of the risks. The deviation of performance pushed the advertisers to choose the successful apps.
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From left to right: Michael Tang, Juehui Yin, Jack Xiao, Yufeng Rao, Sen Lin