The Case of hdtMEDIA 'Anerle: The Funny Baby¡¯ Won 'The Best Case of The Interactive Marketing Award¡¯
July 23th, the 2013 Internet Marketing forum of China was hold in Beijing. In the end, the case of hdtMEDIA 'Anerle: The Funny Baby¡¯ won ¡®The Best Case of The Interactive Marketing¡¯.
2013, Anerle, as the title sponsorship of the TV show ¡®Funniest Home Videos¡¯ on Jiangxi TV, launched an activity named ¡®The Funny Baby¡¯ to spread its  baby¡¯s disposable  diapers. As the preheating activity, hdtMEDIA used rich media to create a cute baby to attract the audiences and collect babies¡¯ videos. It could help Anerle to expend the brand awareness and build the connection with online, offline, TV media and Internet.
It also faced with some challenges. China had become the biggest market of the babies¡¯ disposable diapers. Among a large amount of brands, how to attract the audiences and capture the market? When dealing with the media, how to bring creativity to the audiences among the content marketing? The brand differentiation was very important.
The case use rich media to built interaction with the audiences and brought success to the brand and the TV show. The strategy used ¡®Home alone¡¯ as the theme to create the cute baby. Users could use direction keys to control the baby to see the movements and attract the attention.
How about the result of advertising? The case had gained forty million exposure and 5% click rate. According the behavior from the targeted audiences, the advertising brought much attention from the websites related to news, daily life, ladies and parents-child; it also gathered many babies¡¯ lovely videos.
The advertising spread Anerle baby¡¯s disposable diapers and the TV show. It was also approved by the committee.