As a Member of Shanghai Advertising Association for More Than 10 years, hdtMEDIA Gets the Honor Certificate

  On 12th March, there are more than 100 representatives of Advertising Industry Company in Shanghai attended the five session of the fourth Shanghai Advertising Association General Meeting. The meeting examined the working reports in 2012, and commended the outstanding companies and individuals that made contribution for Shanghai advertising industry. As a senior member of Shanghai Advertising Association for more than 10 years, hdtMEDIA always supports association positively, and try its best to promote the development of Shanghai advertising industry. Therefore, hdtMEDIA got the honor certificate.

  Shanghai Advertising Association was found in 1986. Some of members made combination as a group, some of them separated and did business individually, some of them are restructuring and transformation, several old members drop out of the association, while new members take part in it in the past 27 years. As a member of Shanghai Advertising Association in 2002, hdtMEDIA aims to work together with other members, and takes part in the industrial activities positively. hdtMEDIA always treats the industrial development as a kind of enterprise responsibility, and make contributions to the association and industry.

  Jiuwei Xue, the secretary-general of Shanghai Advertising Association made a working report about 2012 in the meeting. He presented that association has already finished 5 works in 2012. Firstly, to react industrial demands positively, and encourage the government to provide more supports to advertising industry development. That includes submitting the proposal to National People¨s Congress and Chinese People¨s Political Consultative Conference on cancelling the cultural construction fee, and propose to develop the project about Shanghai Advertising Public Service Platform. Secondly, to attend and hold 10 kinds of significant advertising events, such as 2012 China Advertising & Brand Conference and the Eleventh Shanghai College Students Advertising Festival. Thirdly, to develop the self-discipline, standardize the advertising market competition behaviors. That includes making a Shanghai standard of advertising specialty technology. Fourthly, providing service to members and advertising practitioners. Fifthly, enhancing association itself, and increasing the decision making ability and service level of association.

  Shanghai Advertising Association aims to improve the advertising industry self-discipline, and increase the healthy development of advertising industry harmoniously. Its members are constituted by advertising operators, advertising publishers, advertisers, advertising education & research institutions and other related business units or organizations. There are 45 companies as members for more than 10 years and 35 companies as members for more than 20 years till now.

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The representatives of enterprises read report of Shanghai Advertising Association together

As a member of Shanghai Advertising Association for more than 10 years, hdtMEDIA gets the honor certificate