Flowing and Smooth: the Tai Chi Performance in Cannes Beach


  With the fine weather, there was a large number of player who wore the write clothes. They looked calm and relaxed, their behaviors were flowing and smooth.

  French time on June 17th morning, the working staff of China Week and Chinese Advertising Industry were making the Tai Chi performance with Zhiqiang Chen (the 19th Tai Chi generation of Chinese descendants of Chen) on the ^White Gravel Beach ̄ in Nice. Lots of international visitors were attracted by such sight. Several foreigners even joined us and practised it. That showed a Reverence and yearning of Chinese Tai Chi.

  As one of the sponsors and working staff of China Week (a Communicate Event which is held by China Advertising Association and Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity), Michael Tang (the president of hdtMEDIA) also joined the Tai Chi performance.

  In the night of June 19th, there were about 1000 people took part in the Red Hot Party (a kind of theme party). That included the international brand enterprises, the creative leaders around the world, the famous advertising company managers and so on. All the people were joyful gathering, and enjoyed the amazing Chinese elements performances. The Tai Chi culture was one of the Chinese elements that could be promoted by the Red Hot Party.