hdtMEDIA Won ¡®Tigher Roar Award-The Best Technology Driven in the Industry¡¯
May 13th, the 4th Tiger Roar Award ceremony was hold in Nanjing. This award was founded by ADVERTISING PANORAMA, it was used to encourage original works and honor the classics with professional standard. It hoped to become the most authority, prospective and innovative event. Every year it would honor the best performance agents, person and marketing cases during the last year.
During the ceremony, hdtDXP, the digital ad exchange platform helped hdtMEDIA stood out in the industry and won the award ¡®The Best Technology Driven in The Industry¡¯. hdtDXP was the home-grown ad technology of hdtMEDIA. hdtDXP gathered four important platform for ad exchange. First one called demand side platform, we called it DSP for short, it could help advertisers use his own data to do advertising.  Second one was data management platform, we called it DMP for short, it was used to collect and manage the population data. Third one was Ad Exchange, it was used to do the ad exchange. Fourth one was supply side platform, we called SSP for short, it helped optimize media revenue. At the same time, hdtDXP also provided the brand safety, retargeting services and supporting facilities such as verification and monitoring system for advertising. With the integrated management, hdtDXP would provide full and integrated solutions for advertisers, agents and media.
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