William Gu: Cross Channel Marketing in Fragmentation Era
June 26th , Adworld 2013*Summer was hold in Beijing, the theme of the conference was ¡®Sensation-Perception-Sense-Sympathy¡¯. William Gu, hdtMEDIA¡¯ vice president for R &D gave the speech ¡®Channelization and Optimization in Brand Advertising¡¯.
What was the Cross Channel Marketing?
William mentioned that the word ¡®Channel¡¯ had kinds of definition. For example, search, display, social and video category were all channels. Because the thoughts of people were becoming more and more diversified and fragmented, more new channel marketing came out. It meant a better combination of brand and effect. Cross channel marketing had four aspects, including data, strategy, analysis and diversification. The unified data collection, integration and analysis, automatic budget adjustment based on big data, attribution model of cross channel, and the tracks of advertising was the four key points to finish cross channel marketing.
Why We Need Cross Channel?
Every minute, Internet in China was facing many big challenges. The data from Google showed that American users averagely spent 4.4 hours in front of the screen but only spent 10% of their time on the non-screen side. During the purchasing process, people spent on the different screens and finally finished purchase, this meant that brand marketing also need to cross the screens. The cross, William mentioned that when consumers had no sense of new brands, the rich media was the best way.
What were the Benefits of Cross Channel Marketing?
What was the benefit of cross channel marketing? William said that different channel would bring advertisers different information to the consumers, behavior insights of the consumers, and also bring platform supplier more budget. Currently the main obstacle was the behavior insights of the consumers. Like the garden with wall, William said, some of the media treat their source as heartland and didn¡¯t want to show the present situation. Also, dispersion of the platform and data, lack of talents were also the obstacle.
How to Achieve the Cross Channel Marketing?
First one was the unified platform and one-stop service. The second one was providing integrated data and helping advertisers manage their first party data. The third step was the analysis based on the attribution model, such as Organic Search, Display and so on. The last step was the intellective strategy and optimization, the systematize settings would dig out the real customers and more similar crowd, and finally find the best channel to provide better information.
Finally, William used David Ogilvy¡¯s quotes, ¡®Never stop testing, so you'll find out your own advertising and marketing activities have been in progress and promotion¡¯. William appealed the audiences to give promotion of DSP, themselves and marketing.
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William gave the speech