Tony Yuan: Better and Measurable Advertising Effect should be based on the Audience Research
Internet is no longer a vulgar ad world as before. Ad creation needs higher demands, so that a better and measurable advertising effect should be based on the audience research. Fragmentation is the big challenge for the Internet marketers, consumers was the core among kinds of screen such as PC, iPad, Apps and so on. Consideration of consumers was the key content in Internet marketing.
September 26th, Tony Yuan, Vice President of hdtMEDIA was invited to attend the Mday and gave a speech. The ad demo show and the audience research behind the maquillage cosmetic brands attracted lots of people.
After sharing the target audiences, products attributes and user properties of maquillage, Tony showed his opinion of the communication mode of the future marketing. ¡®Except the characters and data analysis, the psychological level is also important for the target audiences of maquillage. Each person is his own media, the sense of agreement and ductility of the brands are all needed to build in the future marketing. UGC (User Generate Content) means to let consumers explain and spread the brands, this could supply the media strategy and outstanding the brands characters.
Data let behavior tracking and understanding become more concrete, it had multi dimension to observe people. The behavior of audiences would guide the development of brands, which was why the data and audiences analysis were important. When talking about the value of data in Internet marketing, Tony said that data was to help the advertisers find the property of the target audiences and the suitable integrated media platform, then show the brand advocates through the platform to accomplish the Internet Marketing.
In the end, Tony said that we need emotional and rational thoughts about the marketing strategy; it meant that the analysis of the psychological level would help dig out the behavior of the consumers on the Internet. Internet Marketing was a balance relationship, one hand, we would never give up the traditional marketing such as the thoughts of creation, control of consumers, brand attribution and brand extension. On the other hand, data would also prove the value of communication, media use and marketing platform.
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Tony Yuan shared his opinion