Tony Yuan: Public Welfare in Commercial Ads Will Gain More Resonatory
Oct 15th, The 5th Golden Awards & the 2013 Network Marketing Forum, was hold by IMCC in the National Conference Centre of Beijing. Tony Yuan, Vice President of hdtMEDIA attended the Awards Dinner and shared the good cases from the 60th Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival, hdtMEDIA took part in this event and communication. Tony Yuan used 3 winning cases to bring new analysis from the commercial ads.
The first case was ¡®Take care of the old¡¯, the ad showed the life of the old who had Alzheimer¡¯s disease. It contained warm love from father. The ads used first-person and made it more lifelike and touching.
The second case was ¡®Dumb Ways To Die¡¯. The ad used¡®Safety around the Train¡¯ as the theme, it should talked more about safety, life and so on. On the contrary, it used western humor and reserved thinking to show different ways of death. This could bring psychological contrast and deep impression. Reserved creation could also let the story of the ad become more suspenseful, the audiences would like to see the ad more times. With the lovely theme song, audiences would get closer to the care from advertisers. Reserved expression of the theme and atmosphere was the evaluation of Tony.
The third case was ¡®Real Beauty Sketches¡¯. Audiences could not see any brand in this ad, until the word ¡®You are more beautiful than you think¡¯ in the end, the Dove came out. The ad looked like a public-service ad more than commercial ad. Dove used authoritative experiment, with the cooperation with Gil Zamora, to tell women that they could be more beautiful than they thought. The philosophical brand idea enhanced the brand image. ¡®Goods without Stamp¡¯ maybe a good call of these ads.
Tony thought that companies pay more attention to the public welfare, as the public welfare award came out in the 5th golden awards. It could enhance the brand culture and brand idea to the new height.
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Tony Yuan shared the best cases