Relaxed and Pleasant, Igniting the Stream Asia 2014

On March 13th to 16th in 2014, Stream Asia 2014 was held in Malaysia Langkawi by one of the world¡¯s largest advertising group WPP. More than 300 executives of brands and companies got together that include international brands and WPP¡¯s partners. People gathered and discussed about the development and future of digital technology.

Benjamin Tsang (Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing of hdtMEDIA), Malcolm Thorp (Vice President of hdtMEDIA) and William Gu (Vice President of hdtMEDIA) attended this event. The speech topic of Malcolm was ¡°Horse Trading in China¡± which was a surprising way to introduce digital media trading via DSP in China. He starts a conversation surrounding the concept of DSP in the China digital market, with the agency and trading desk people there it was an excellent opportunity to get their input and to gauge their opinions on how effective, for whose benefit and how best to integrate DSP into the overall trading ecosystem in China.

¡¾Event Photo¡¿

The relaxed atmosphere of the event

The fashionable discussion topics

Malcolm presents his opinion