The Combination of Marketing Tools and Creative Idea Will Produces Amazing Effect

On the afternoon of April 20, Tony Yuan (the senior vice president of hdtMEDIA) was invited to provide speech ¡°The Prospective Trend of Network Marketing in 2014¡±in Peking University. At the beginning of the speech, he mentioned that he hopes to get more such opportunities in the future to come back to the campus for learning and communication.

Tony insisted that the development of mobile Internet influences our life. It can help audience to do the sharing, purchase, check in, using APP in any time, and make it become to the CRM. It integrates TV ads, outdoor ads, print ads, PC ads, word of mouth. The mobile Internet strengthens the integration of marketing communication, and makes the cross media communication become to the basic media strategy.

Nowadays, the multi-screen is a development trend. ¡°Computer is used on office, while the pad and mobile is used on entertainment and social communication. It decides its corresponding population attributes. We hope in the future, we can analysis the value of mobile advertising through the data analysis. Creative ideas bring a new experience on the visual impact for the interactive experience, such as the creative 3D network application technology, the interactive AR augmented reality technology, more accurate user behavior orientation system and so on¡±. Tony concluded the development trend of network marketing in 2014 as: the multi-screen era is coming, the new era of mobile Internet and technology will bring more creative innovation.

By sharing the multi-screen case of Toyota Verso, Tony analyzed the digital marketing tools in this case, and enhance that the combination of each tool and creative idea will produces the amazing communication value.

¡¾Event Photos¡¿

Tony provides speech in Peking University