hdtMEDIA Alan Zhu: Multi-screen Era--- Beyond ¡°Coverage¡±
Along with the rapid development of Internet, Internet users¡¯ behaviors in China are undergoing transitions according to changes in different screen terminals. Under such circumstances, we need to find answers of the following questions: how do we fuse consumers¡¯ conduct in front of each screen terminals more effectively, how to exert more interactivity? How to combine the characteristics of each screen terminal together to carry out effective digital marketing and communications?
On July 24, the Ninth iResearch Annual Summit was held in Shenzhen, Mr. Alan Zhu, Deputy Director of the Key Clients Department of hdtMEDIA, centering on multi-screen, opened his speech with some key words that represent the year of 2013, such as big data, APP, owned media, video media, mobile terminal, 4G, three screens, etc. as well as some phrases that elaborate the network marketing trends in 2014, including the outbreak of the mobile Internet, multi-screen integration, big data era and so on.
In his speech, Alan said that with the new forms of network terminals, the contact behavior of audiences has changed. Digital media covers people's daily lives entirely from 360¡ã, and information contact behavior are becoming increasingly fragmented. Therefore, the integration of PC, mobile phone and Pad is also deepening continuously. According to the "Research Report on 2013 China's Internet Users Search Behavior" from CNNIC, when people use a computer to get information, the information is most likely ¡° related to work and study ¡±, followed by ¡°related to something they are interested in¡±. While using a mobile phone, they are mostly searching for ¡°things they are interested in¡± mainly during fragmented time. PC is mainly used for work and study, in contrast, mobile for social life, Pad for life and entertainment. From the perspective of urban, the comprehensive coverage of PC, smart phones, and tablet PCs are larger than rural areas; for the location to surf on the Internet, the three can complement each other. The three screen terminals have different functions and customers have according perceptions for them. Therefore, in the multi-screen era, we need more than "coverage", and must release the real value of big data, emphasis more on precision, effectiveness and interaction. Then, from a technical aspect, Alan shared with the audience the application of cross-platform targeting technology, the establishment of the crowd label, real-time monitoring of cross-platform integration and so on.
In the end of his speech, Alan combined the cases of " Chow Sang Sang: Y¨² Y¨² collection" and "Transcendence network promotion" to show the different creative forms and interactive processes, noting: through connecting online and offline ways, multi-screen integration is creating a O2O mode to further deliver brand connotation, so as to achieve a perfect cross-screen experience.
Current iResearch Submit in Shenzhen was themed by "being creative while keeping regulations, integrate innovations", it converged industry leaders in the fields like internet, new economy, and science and technology, they have discussed topics from a multidimensional perspective combining all the aspects of social e-commerce, multi-screen convergence, programmatic marketing, Internet finance, big data, retail and O2O.

¡¾event photos¡¿
Alan introducing ¡°multi-screen integration¡±
Lecture scene