hdtMEDIA Digital Marketing Practice Sharing Meeting was Successfully Held in Chengdu
The borderless media interaction and ever-renewing technologies of the digital era are increasingly fueling people¡¯s enthusiasm for digital marketing which, in reverse, has strengthened the multi-dimensional interaction between brands and consumers. After the switch from traditional marketing to Internet marketing, what innovations will digital marketing bring to marketing models and advertising forms? How to tap customer value through interaction? How to help clients enhance their brand image and achieve effective dissemination in an integrated and innovative manner?
On May 23th, hdtMEDIA digital marketing practice sharing meeting was successfully held in Chengdu. The meeting was a fruitful one with in-depth experience sharing and idea exchange among digital marketing specialists, brand advertisers, authoritative scholars, industry associations officers and senior ad professionals.
Clarence Zheng, CEO of hdtMEDIA and a trailblazer of China¡¯s Internet advertising industry, noted in the opening remarks that Chengdu is a time-honored cultural city with a deep sense of brand history. Since its inception in 1999, hdtMEDIA has travelled a journey of 15 years during which its brand essence is constantly fostered. As the leading platform of rich media advertising, we believe we could offer experience and give a boost to Chengdu¡¯s digital marketing industry with our advanced technologies and practices in digital marketing.
In the meeting, wonderful speeches were delivered over such topics as the integration of dissemination power; the shift of marketing models from traditional products marketing to customization combined with digital marketing; thoughts about multi-screen integration against the backdrop of digital integrated marketing; mining customer value through customer analysis and interaction; the introduction of fully automated advertising---programmatic advertising platform, etc. Here once again we wish to extend our gratitude to our guests for their sharing of practical marketing experience, and also to our partners and industry colleagues in Chengdu for their great support to hdtMEDIA!