Thanks for Your Company--A Pleasurable Dinner After hdtMEDIA Digital Marketing Practice Sharing Meeting
From the very establishment to present, the growth of hdtMEDIA is inseparable from the support and coordination of you¡ª our industry colleagues and partners. It is because of you that hdtMEDIA has survived from the ebb tide of Internet adverting industry, and continues to prosper. We are grateful to have you and your recognition and encouragement in our search of innovation and changes! Thanks to you, htdMEDIA can march foward more firmly and steadily!
On the evening of May 23th, hdtMEDIA Digital Marketing Practice Sharing Dinner drew its curtain. Different from the hot and spicy feelings brought by Chengdu local food, the dinner was permeated with gratitude, joy and excitement. Mr. Michael Tang, President of hdtMEDIA, extended his sincere gratefulness to all the guests. ¡°Over the years, we are very thankful to our advertisers whom we rely on for a living, and to our agencies, our press and academic friends. Our thanks also go to China Advertising Association for its support all these years¡±, he said.
During the dinner, friends, old and new, bantered about their interesting anecdotes of acquaintance and their shared enthusiasm for advertisement. In the mellifluous notes of the violin, and with the charming MC, Ms. Melody Jian of hdtMobile, guests were buried in the happiness of reunion. The mystery prize of the night cloaked the dinner under surprise and expectation. With the longing of all the guests, this big prize was finally revealed. It is a romantic journey provided by hdtMEDIA¡ªtwo round-trip tickets from Chengdu to Paris! This prize didn¡¯t just brought happiness to the winner. It also conveyed the deep gratitude of hdtMEDIA to our advertisers, agencies, media and academic friends, as well as CAA friends.
Thank you for your support to hdtMEDIA again! We believe that hdtMEDIA, together with you, will succeed and harvest! Because of your encouragement, hdtMEDIA will embrace a better future!
¡¾event photos¡¿

President Michael Tang interacting with a guest

President Michael Tang bantering with a guest about interesting anecdotes of their acquaintance
Who is to get the prize of the night?
A female guest luckily got the prize---two round-trip tickets from Chengdu to Paris
Guests chatting and toasting