hdtMEDIA Made Its Splendid Appearance at MMA Mobile Marketing Forum
On August 14th, MMA (Mobile Marketing Association) Mobile Marketing Forum 2014 was opened in Shanghai. The forum gathered together Mobile marketing professionals from around the world. The forum, themed by the future of mobile marketing, effective application of mobiles in marketing among others, focused on both domestic and overseas markets.
The Forum was moderated by Ms. Melody Jian, General Manager of hdtMobile. This has been her third time of moderating the MMA Forum. ¡°To retain the 90¡¯s generation, we must be ready to risk anything¡±, she said. Such humorous and straightforward ¡°Jian-style remarks¡± echoed down the meeting hall, bringing enthusiastic applauses from the audience now and then.
The first session of the afternoon was opening speech by platinum partner of the MMA Forum. Yet, Mr. Michael Tang, president of hdtMEDIA, said in his speech that ¡°today I am standing here as a member of MMA Association market cooperation committee rather than the platinum partner of MMA Forum. Promoting MMA Chinese Mobile Marketing Association is my obligation. Concerning the gravity of mobile marketing is constantly on a rise, I wish that we can actively engage in the MMA family, and that more advertisers can put bigger budget on mobile marketing, hence achieving ideal marketing effect. ¡±
On the Forum, the result for the Smarties awards of MMA were announced. Prizes of marketing strategy category were first awarded. Ms. Teresa Pan, General Manager of hdtMEDIA Media Center, passed the award cups to winners of Brand Influence Award, and to producers of such cases as ¡°Coca Cola lyric bottles¡± and ¡°Durex customized fashionable games¡±. Mr. Michael Tang was invited to announce the winners of videos for technology application/rich media innovation award and technology innovation award for ad injection, and awarded the winners along with Mr. Hong Bei, CTO of AdMaster.
¡¾event photos¡¿

Ms. Melody Jian receiving applauses from the audience for her attractive ¡°Jian-style language¡±
Mr. Michael Tang giving opening remarks
Ms. Teresa Pan was invited to award winners of Smarties
Mr. Michael Tang was invited to announce the winners of Smarties