Dialogue With Post-90s Generation---hdtMEDIA 2014 Beijing Orientation Workshop

Youthful new faces and warm smiles dispersed the chill of early winter. hdtMEDIA welcomed in a new batch of dream-chasers. hdtMEDIA 2014 Beijing orientation workshop gradually unfolded itself among new faces, tides of laughter and the recollection of Mr Mi--- hdtMEDIA President Michael Tang.

This workshop differs from previous ones in its greater percentage of fresh graduates. It is these post-90s newcomers who instill more fresh stories and passion into the big family. The post-90s generation is known for jumping thinking and breaking conventions. These qualities echo with the adventurous exploration of hdtMEDIA at its inception. From the birth of China¡¯s first rich media ad Hero to today¡¯s rapid growth of targeted rich media and programmatic buying, hdtMEDIA has always been a trailblazer of China¡¯s Internet advertizing industry. 15 years of unceasing exploration enables hdtMEDIA to expand its footprints across the country and boast over 60% of the market share. In the recall of those passionate days, even Mr Mi couldn¡¯t help exclaiming the gravity of ¡°curiosity¡±. It is because of curiosity and persistence that hdtMEDIA has won today¡¯s brand reputation.
As for the post-90s newcomers, Michael reckons that the coming of a new generation is meant for spirit inheritance. Joining China¡¯s earliest, best and largest Ad Network digital advertizing delivering platform, these newcomers are bound to pass down our passion and persistence in a more diversified manner!
¡¾Event photos¡¿

Mr Mi Speaking


Concentrated newcomers 


Sharing itself is a heritage


 hdtMEDIA North China GM sharing her story with hdtMEDIA