Ad Network+ Programmatic Buying=Brand & Effect Combo¡ª¡ª Tony Yuan Spoke at iResearch Internet Marketing Summit

In the multi-screen internet era, PC, mobile phone and tablet have become the major promotion platforms for marketing. How to reach target population more accurately and realize a wider coverage of online fragmented behaviors? How to increase multi-screen exposure and brand preference? How to build a cross-platform target population database? How to establish a target population-based advertizing model?

2014 iResearch Internet Marketing Summit raised its curtain in Shanghai on October 23. Tony Yuan, Senior Vice President of hdtMEDIA, delivered a wonderful speech over the topic of ¡°Ad Network+ Programmatic Buying=Brand & Effect Combo¡± in the technical marketing session. 

According to Yuan, ¡°Ad Network+ Programmatic Buying¡± is a target population-based ad marketing resolution. ¡°Ad Network¡± deals with brand building and interaction on the basis of quality advertizing resources, and has highly visible AdPositionId and creative ad formats; while ¡°Programmatic Buying¡± is based on such trading and delivery platforms as RTB and PPB where targeted population do programmatic buying. The combination of the two cements and stabilizes ad marketing yet retains in-depth interaction, which materializes a full coverage of targeted population and sticky marketing.

During the speech, Yuan displayed some typical campaign videos delivered on portal and vertical media, giving a vivid expression of the creative interaction and brand appeal of Ad Network. Ad Network¡¯s functions and strength were also stressed from the perspectives of population match, media resources, directional techniques, cross-platform and cross-media delivery mechanisms, etc.
When talking about programmatic buying, Yuan reckoned its core competence in tailoring brand private DMP database, providing constant data management, realizing one-stop media purchase, owning an automatic and transparent management system, cooperating in multiple channels with social search media and other platforms, offering dynamic creation services, etc. These strengths make it possible to effectively cover targeted population and maximize the marketing effect.

¡¾event photo¡¿

 Yuan delivering a speech