hdtMEDIA Made the list of CNAA¢ñby China Advertizing Association

On September 30, 2014, People¡¯s Daily published the Notice for the use of ¡°CNAAI¡± ¡°CNAAII¡±¡¢¡°CNAAIII¡± Certification Marks. Certified by the CAA, hdtMEDIA becomes the only digital marketing CNAAI on the list. 

Established in 1999, hdtMEDIA soon launched China¡¯s first rich media advertisement in 2003. We are recognized trailblazer of China¡¯s rich media industry and creator of all rich media advertising formats. Propelled by the ever-surprising advancement of technologies, trailblazer hdtMEDIA has never stopped its step of exploring the possible convergence of rich media ad formats and technologies, and of expanding its blueprint in digital field. Over the past 15 years, guided by the philosophies of professionalism, innovation and effect, hdtMEDIA successively introduced serial platforms including hdtMEDIA, hdtMobile, hdtDXP, hdtSSP; and series of products including brand communication rich media iCast, precision marketing rich media iFocus, smartphone rich media iMocha, tablet device rich media MoCast. By doing so, hdtMEDIA endeavors to offer advertisers integrated Internet media delivery solutions featuring lower cost, faster execution, and easier application. 

hdtMEDIA seeks common growth with the industry through active involvement in industry events such as GMIC, China AD Brand Conference, China Week of Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, IAA World Congress, etc. By virtue of its endeavor, dedication and influence, hdtMEDIA has been honored in succession the Award of the Most Competitive Company of China¡¯s Advertising Industry, the Best Motivation Award of the Year in the Tiger Roar China Classical Communications Awards, the Award of Technology Breakthrough of Chinese Advertising Company in China Advertising Annual Awards, the Award of the Most Valuable Communication Platform in China Creative Communication Awards, the Best Creative Ad Award in GMIC, etc. 

Responsibility and gratitude: hdtMEDIA has been constantly donating school and daily-use articles to Beijing Shahe Experimental School, Hongqi Primary School, Shanghai Chongming Child Care Station, Sichuan Xieqing Charity Orphan School out of its care for children¡¯s happiness. Care for the future communication stars: hdtMEDIA has been encouraging the younger generation in their pursuit of dream by sponsoring scholarships and free seminars, including the Longxi Creative Scholarship, Qinghua University Outstanding Graduation Project Scholarship, etc. Moreover, the management of hdtMEDIA more than once lectured at universities like Beijing University, China Communication University and Fudan University to share their advertising expertise and industry experience and exchange academic views with students.  

The honor of CNAA¢ñcannot be separated from the recognition and encouragement we receive! hdtMEDIA wishes to extend our sincere gratitude to clients for your trust and close communication, to partners for your support and intimate cooperation, and to colleagues in and out of the industry for your care and assistance! In the coming future, hdtMEDIA will endeavor to break more new grounds and seek shared prosperity with the industry.


hdtMEDIA awarded CNAAI