What¡¯s Programmatic Buying? Michael Tang Addressed the 6th Jinding Creative Communication Forum

On November 28th, the 6th Jinding Creative Communication International Awards Summit Forum organized by 21st Century Marketing raised its curtain in the beautiful city of Qingdao. Michael Tang, hdtMEDIA President, shared his brilliant ideas about programmatic buying with the audience.

Technologies can be subversive. They not only change people¡¯s lifestyles, but also affect communication contents and channels. With the bid data era rolling in, there have emerged a number of professional terms and technologies about the programmatic buying ecological chain. About these terms and technologies, how much do you know? During the speech, Tang popularized to the audience such terms as programmatic buying, private market place, guaranteed premium buying, and private auction in everyday language and with interesting videos.

Programmatic buying, born to meet the urgent need of high efficiency, refers to the ad trading pattern that uses systematic approach to complete real-time buying & releasing of digital advertising media. Through programmatic buying, buyers of advertising space buy in targeted audience rather than advertising inventory. In this chain, sellers trade their audience while buyers bid for their desirable audience. Bid winners then can push their ads to appropriate audience at proper time.

Like no other time before, the current ecological system is getting much more complicated, which calls for the resource integration of multiple platforms, and technologies that can not only activate but also perfectly mingle with creativity.

¡¾Photos of the Event¡¿

Michael Tang in the speech


¡°Hero clips¡± showcased the glamour of the first rich media ad and dazzled the conference

Involved audience